Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alicia Ryherd Tulsa Oklahoma

Alicia Ryherd of Tulsa, Oklahoma is acknowledged as an active member of-the Tulsa Community. As Ryherd is concerned with community support activities and various non-profit work, frequently spearheading her own new and creative projects, a dynamic member of the Tulsa Young Professionals.

Ryherd also participates with many outside activities groups including archery, hiking and swimming clubs, some of which contain plans for underprivileged kids.

Being an Account Manager, Ryherd of Tulsa Oklahoma is accountable for constructing and sustaining customer relationships and reviving expired customer contracts, frequently with increased earnings opportunities for LOGIX. Where she's subsequently anticipated to provide on all terms within the closing arrangement, she's also responsible for negotiating the terms of new business contracts in addition to seeking new prospects for that business. Ryherd has renewed many contracts too as started new ones because of the exceptional support she has provided to her customers. LOGIX has received excellent reviews from their customers in which she's the representative.

About Alicia Ryherd:

Alicia Ryherd also gives her Carpentry Masonry expertise to the USA Military as a professional. She's also a Personal Coach in a local gym. In her free time, Ryherd loves painting, photography and reading.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alicia Ryherd Logix Communications

Alicia Ryherd

Alicia Ryherd, Account Manager, LOGIX Communications
Alicia Ryherd, 24 years old, is an extremely active working professional living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She enjoys numerous outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, jet skiing and swimming. Alicia also actively participates in some of the more rare activities like dirt biking, shooting and archery. Playing and watching sports has been a long time passion for Alicia, which she has converted into one of her part time jobs as a Personal Trainer and one she finds extremely fulfilling. When she isn’t exercising, she enjoys participating in painting and sketching art classes as well as photography and cooking. Alicia additionally spent her time working part-time for the US Army as a Carpentry Masonry Specialist – a skill she learned at a young age.
Professionally, Alicia is accomplished for a young adult. She works as an Account Manager at LOGIX Communications out of Tulsa, Oklahoma where she is one of their youngest managers. Alicia is extremely skilled at building and maintaining healthy and professional relationships with LOGIX clients. As a representative of the company, Alicia aims to provide each and every customer excellent service and remain attentive to all of their needs. She works with existing accounts and successfully renews their service as well as seeks new business and signs new clients. Most importantly, Alicia is responsible for negotiating the terms of the company contracts and fulfilling all deliverables and line items on behalf of LOGIX Communications.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alicia Ryherd Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma saleswoman blog. More information coming soon!

-Alicia Ryherd